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Digital TV Conditional Access System Support Simultaneous Operation

Issuing time:2019-01-14 05:15

Justar vision's Conditional Access System (CAS) supports advanced security feature, It can encrypt control words and user authorization information within a stable and highly secured environment. This system is 100% compatible with DVB simul-crypt standard, with high reliability. So that it could satisfy operators’ various needs and requirements with high performance-price-ratio.

Main Features:

  • Advanced  encryption algorithm based on 3DES/AES

  • Support dual-level smart card distribution from CAS provider and operator which have self-owned intellectual property rights

  • With efficient authorization distribution mechanism

  • Quick authorized and shutoff, support DVB simul-crypt standard

  • Able to work with removable smart card or with no card

  • Support STB-Card binding

  • Controlling and re-authorization for PVR program

  • Support regional lock-in and zone controlling

  • Support 1000 product packets

  • Emergency broadcast by forced channel switching

  • Able to designate the starting-up program of STB

  • Support mail, OSD, forced OSD, and fingerprint display

  • Support some simple subscriber management

  • Comprehensive log management and system monitor

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