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Justar DTV Advanced Security Conditional Access System

Issuing time:2019-01-14 05:19

Justar DTV Advanced Security Conditional Access System include Justar Advanced Security CAS Head-end Software System and DTV Terminals. The Head-end Software System connects with DTV TS multiplexing and scrambling equipment, Subscriber Management System (SMS) or Business Operation Support System (BOSS), to perform tasks such as encrypting of DTV program or private services, managing DTV product, generating & transmitting management information of terminal devices and subscribers. Sensitive data and information are all encrypted by AES algorithm.  Justar Advanced Security CAS supports PVR re-entitle control & editing/broadcasting SI information.

The DTV terminals with Justar Advanced Security CAS client descramble and decode DTV program streams if an authorized entitlement of this program has been received before. The decryption of DTV information, as well as the encryption/decryption of confidential data are implemented based on the hardware-level advanced security features of SoC, certified by Justar beforehand. These terminals support dynamic program billing information processing and IPPV/IPPT functions. They also can receive and display program fingerprint carried by the bit streams, as well as decrypt, record and output program in accordance with the Usage Rues Information. The terminal can generate and save service data automatically according to service information sent out by CAS head-end.

Advanced Security Linux Conditional Access System

Features of Justar Advanced Security System

  • Adopt AES Algorithm for encryption with stable and reliable key management/switching mechanism.

  • Powerful and flexible service & product management capability, it may

  • Encrypt and manage up to 1024 services and 128 product packages;

  • Each service may be applied to multiple product packages.

  • Powerful terminal management and reception control, it may support

  • Cardless terminal;

  • Enable/Disable operator, network or area binding by head-end command;

  • Conditionally permitted or prohibited play of certain product or service;

  • Preview of encrypted programs.

  • Flexible and diversified billing mechanism, including

  • Product/services/IPPV/IPPV based billing;

  • E-wallet supporting, and multiple E-wallet items for one terminal.

  • Support ECM Fingerprint Delivery and Fingerprint message encryption.

  • Support dynamic Usage Rules Information (URI) management.

  • Efficient and Flexible Information Delivery Mechanism which support

  • User configurable of EMM delivery policies;

  • Adopts high efficient entitlement information encoding, to reduce bandwidth requirement.

  • Flexible configuration and deployment mechanism which support

  • Diverse network topologies such as standalone and area based deployment;

  • Area based EMM delivery, as well as different configurations of policies and bandwidths delivery for different area under area based deployment condition.

  • Support OSD, EMM fingerprint and E-Mail delivery.

  • Support diverse terminal behavior control, such as forced channel-tuning, program search, reboot, default boot-up program setting, SOL, etc;

  • Support network information management and sending

  • Support the program information management and sending, such as bouquet, volume compensation, LCN, area & product information.

  • Support management & control interfaces based on socket, gSOAP and Web.

Features of Justar Advanced Security Terminal

  • Support advanced security based on hardware-level decryption.

  • Cardless design to save terminal hardware and maintenance cost.

  • Support operator, network and area binding under the control of headend.

  • Support program decryption control based on diversified billing method such as product, service, IPPV or IPPV; support preview of un-authorized programs.

  • Support e-wallet, multiple e-wallet top-up processing and IPPV/IPPT program payment from e-wallet account.

  • Support event-level dynamic Usage Rules Information processing, and apply control to program decoding, PVR, output method, output resolution according to URI.

  • Support ECM-level fingerprint processing and display.

  • Support EMM fingerprint processing and display.

  • Support receiving and processing of user messages including OSD and E-Mail.

  • Support multiple working time segments configuration to enable parents to control children TV viewing behavior, or manage the viewing time due to other reasons.

  • Several specific operation execution can be performed under the head-end’s control, including program forced re-search, rebooting, force channel tuning, default boot-up channel setting, SOL, etc.

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